As the couple: Megan Fox and Brian Austin green on a walk in New Orleans

Brian Austin green and Megan Fox

32-year-old Megan Fox, a 44-year-old Brian Austin green is not so often spend time alone with each other — the couple has three children, so to be together they can be extremely rare. The actress admitted that she and her husband only once a week allow yourself to get out to the movies or a restaurant, where the rest from parenting and work.

Apparently, Tuesday was such a day. A couple was caught holding hands on the street of New Orleans, where now are shooting the film “Think like a dog”, one of the main roles played by the Fox. Dressed quite simply and without any hint of his fame, the couple walked around the city and not hiding from the flashes of photographers.

Like a week ago, when Megan came under the sights of the paparazzi during a visit to the aquarium with his friends, she preferred jeans, t-shirt, slepkan and backpack apparently, these clothes in the 35-degree heat she’s most comfortable. Her husband was more practical and easily done by making a choice in favor of a white t-shirt, camouflage breeches and bright Shoe.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin green

Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox

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