Asleep during his speech trump a child laugh network users

Уснувший во время выступления Трампа ребенок рассмешил пользователей сети

The President of the United States Donald trump invited to his presentation before Congress of a sixth-grader Joshua trump, who is made fun of in school because of the name. When the American leader talked about their successes and goals, the child was fast asleep, what attracted the attention of journalists, and later users of the Network.

“We’re all a little Joshua trump”, — joked on Twitter.

Also called child rebel and began to offer to make him the next President of the United States.

“Welcome to the opposition,” wrote in the comments that are quoted by the Daily Mail.

Joshua lives in Wilmington (state of Delaware) and is not a relative of the President. However, because of the name of the child is regularly exposed to bullying. On the topic of trump, he sat next to grace Elin, which has long led the fight against brain cancer.