Aspirin can recognize a cancer cure

Аспирин могут признать лекарством от рака

Long-term intake of aspirin is not recommended.

Scottish researchers from Edinburgh University found that aspirin has the property to block the molecular mechanism of the formation of malignant tumors. The results of their work published journal Nucleic Acids Research.

Aspirin blocks the molecule TIF-IA, which plays a key role in the functioning of nuclear – intracellular structures that influence the formation of tumors and the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Scientists have found that when we tested the effect of aspirin on the tumour cells, as grown artificially in the laboratory and removed at biopsy tumor samples belonging to patients suffering from colon cancer.

It is known that long-term intake of aspirin is not recommended – this medication has several unpleasant side effects, can cause internal bleeding. However, the effect of suppressing the molecular mechanism of cancer with aspirin, the authors of the opening, can lay the Foundation for new cancer drugs.

“The discovery of the mechanism of action of aspirin on nucleoli may help prevent the disease. Now it is important to understand exactly how aspirin inhibits TIF-IA to develop new methods of treatment and targeted therapy,” said in this regard, the study’s lead author Dr. Leslie stark.

Note that some time ago the staff of the Harvard school of public health found that aspirin can prevent the development of onomatology digestive system, and equally successful in men and women. In particular, it was found that cancer of the colon and rectum from receiving aspirin people developed 20% less.

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