Astronomers first saw it, like a black hole began to tear the star

Астрономы впервые увидели то, как черная дыра начала разрывать звезду

In the center of the most massive galaxies, there is at least one supermassive black hole.

Astrophysics for the first time fully saw, like a black hole tearing apart star, “chews” her remains and “spits” them in space. Photos and findings of scientists published in the journal Science.

“We’ve never been able to see how is this release. Most of the time, supermassive black holes no break off and remain virtually invisible to us. In fact, we have a unique chance to understand what happens near the black hole during these “gaps,” said Miguel Perez-Torres (Miguel Perez-Torres), an astrophysicist at the Astrophysical Institute of Andalusia in Granada (Spain).

The reasons for the formation of these objects is still not entirely clear. Observing the curvature of space around them suggests that the typical mass of supermassive black holes is in the range of one million to several billion solar masses.

Perez-Torres and his colleagues for several decades to see how the supermassive black holes in distant galaxies tear apart and eat them near to the stars, trying to understand their dying light “Crick” that surrounds such black holes and how they destroy the star.

Up to the present time, as the scientist, his team failed to catch black holes in the first phases of their “meal” when they have already begun to destroy the star, but haven’t started to eat her remains and throw the “leftovers” in the form of jets, narrow beams of plasma accelerated to near-light speeds.

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