Astronomers have discovered a rare double asteroid

Астрономы обнаружили редкий двойной астероид

Interestingly, the two parts of the asteroid 2017 YE5 have almost the same size.

The new observations allowed to detect that the outdoor last year, the asteroid is actually made up of two rotating around each other are the same object.

After checking the results of observations, NASA announced that an asteroid 2017 YE5 is two objects, writes the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

The asteroid was discovered three radar telescopes. First the dual nature of the asteroid noticed Observatory radio telescope in Goldstone, California. After the observations have joined scientists from the Arecibo Observatory and Observatory green Bank, it became clear that the object does not consists of two parts and represents two separate asteroid.

Interestingly, the two parts of the asteroid 2017 YE5 have almost the same size, each about 900 meters. Until now, scientists had only three other such well-matched pairs. Most double asteroid is uneven, with one half overshadows another. But 2017 YE5 one half looks much darker than the other.

It may take a very long time before scientists will be able to reveal other secrets of this pair of asteroids. The fact that the last observation used the time of the closest approach of the asteroid to Earth when he flew a distance of about 6 million kilometers. Held more than 170 years before the binary asteroid will again approach the Earth.

Add about 25% of the asteroids of our solar system are double, but so far they have never been visited by probes. Over the next ten years, NASA and ESA will make the first steps in the development of such devices. Their goal will be a double asteroid, which regularly flies dangerously close to the Ground. This is a pair of a large asteroid, Demos and small, who called Digimon.

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