Astronomers have discovered the anomaly, turning back the clock

Астрономы обнаружили аномалии, поворачивающие время вспять

The amazing ability of gamma-ray flares is described by scientists-cosmologists. It turned out that they can be moved time, reports the with reference to Aspects.

Scientists from the University of Charleston found and studied the anomaly, which occurs in space and could lead to new possibilities of humanity. So, it is established that as a result of powerful flares that occur in space, can form black holes. As a result of gamma-flares are releasing huge amounts of energy that can change the space. As a result of these changes can occur in a variety of anomalies.

To determine such anomalies is possible only with the help of powerful telescopes of the latest generation which have high sensitivity. The study of this process found out that gamma-ray burst have atypical structure, able to create wave-like phenomena and how to turn back time.

Such a phenomenon scientists still can’t definitively explain, but first assumptions are quite revolutionary. It is believed that now it will be possible to travel in time, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of gamma-ray bursts. It is reported that the study of this question is closely connected with the study of black holes, which, according to scientists, the deformation of time and space occurs in this way. Scientists have found in space anomalies that allow you to navigate in time, now the mystery of the spatial clusters is almost revealed. However, professionals need to look more deeply at this phenomenon.

Recall that time travel is movement of people or various objects in the future or the past with the help of technical means, one of which is “the time machine”.

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