At 17 years old, he is kidnapped, burned and beaten with a hammer by a “yellow Jacket”

A 17 ans, il est séquestré, brûlé et frappé avec un marteau par un "Gilet jaune"

A young 18 year old man, arrested as part of a demonstration of life Jackets youth the 9 march in Quimper, is suspected of kidnapping, forcible confinement, aggravated and aggravated robbery against another young person.


The violence of the abuse inflicted on the victim is cold in the back. A young 18 year old man was arrested on march 9 in wide mobilization of the yellow Vests to Quimper as he carried a bag filled with stones which could have been used as projectiles against the forces of the order. But investigators quickly discovered that he had committed acts far more serious on the eve of his arrest. In fact, for a reason he had kidnapped and tortured a young man of 17 years.

According to the newspaper , The Telegram, the events took place in an apartment in the city based on the 8th march. There had attracted his victim, 17-year-old native of Concarneau to the sequester. On-site, and in the presence of several witnesses, the latter was struck in the head with a hammer. The young man “has also been burnt on the arm with cigarettes and a knife blade heated white. During the detention, the offender is permitted to make a getaway with his victim to rob him of his television, “says the daily.

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Reason for this outburst of violence? “Having mentioned to a third person the small debt of narcotic drugs that would have contracted her abductor“. The victim had finally managed to escape, but had preferred to conceal the episode.

It is his father who has filed a complaint ten days later, noting the injuries were his son. The attacker was arrested in the aftermath. He incurs a penalty of seven years imprisonment for the alleged offences. The witnesses of abuse will be prosecuted for non-assistance to person in danger.


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