At 26, he dismembers her mother and retains some of the pieces in tupperwares

A 26 ans, il démembre sa mère et conserve des morceaux dans des tupperwares

Human remains of a woman of 66 years were found in tupperwares in his home located in the residential area of Salamanca, in Madrid, Spain.

It is the police officers who made the grisly discovery Thursday. They had been alerted by relatives of the victim who had no more news of the sixties for a month.

The son of the victim, 26-year-old, was arrested on the spot.

He is suspected of having killed his mother and then cut the corpse into pieces and have them distributed in plastic containers.

The young man had already been arrested on the most cases of ill-treatment.

The press in madrid has referred to a possible case of cannibalism, but police declined to confirm this hypothesis.