At a depth of 600 meters found cyanobacteria

На глубине 600 метров нашли цианобактерии

Bacteria managed to survive without sunlight.

An international group of scientists from Spain, Germany and the USA have discovered a type of cyanobacteria, which are able to survive at a depth of 600 meters in the absence of sunlight.

generally, cyanobacteria get their energy through photosynthesis, so they need sunlight.

Cyanobacteria are one of the most ancient life forms on the planet. Previously, researchers have assumed that it is because of them in the atmosphere has a oxygen, which later developed other forms of life.

Scientists have conducted studies in the region of the río Tinto in Spain, which has long been used as a “backup” of Mars because of the red landscape, rich in iron and sulfur minerals.

Because of the similarity of the red planet, the researchers examined rock samples collected above and below ground to understand what kind of life can exist in such a barren place. Scientists have done the 613-meter well to explore the rocks that are deep below the surface. So team discovered cyanobacteria living in cracks and crevices in the collected samples.

The discovery surprised researchers and they returned to the well for large samples and following a more strict Protocol. The result was discovered group of cyanobacteria, which live in air pockets of stones.

To understand how cyanobacteria managed to survive without sunlight, the team examined them under a microscope. They saw that in most cases was found cyanobacteria were absolutely the same as their “cousins” on the surface. In the study of air in the pockets of scientists learned that little creature absorbed the hydrogen gas, as seen from the low levels of hydrogen in their locations.

In addition, it was found in the photosynthetic system from cyanobacteria, the subsurface there is a small “device” that allowed them to use “safety valve” for energy production. Other members of the species use it to release excess energy to prevent overheating by excessive sunlight.

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