At London’s city hall, spoke about the new referendum

В лондонской мэрии заговорили о новом референдуме

Sadiq Khan posted a message on Twitter.

Position Theresa may endanger the UK economy, says Sadiq Khan. Earlier, British Prime Minister ruled out the possibility of a second referendum, according to the with reference to FaceNews.

The mayor of London Sadiq Aman Khan called for a re-referendum on the UK exit from the EU. “We are facing a genuine risk – a bad deal or lack thereof. Both options would cause enormous damage to London and the United Kingdom,” wrote Khan in his microblog on Twitter on Saturday, September 15.

In a column for British newspaper the Observer the mayor of the British capital said the threats “Brickset”. “I don’t believe that Mei has the authority to so gravely endanger the economy and livelihood of the people,” said Khan.

Earlier, Prime Minister Theresa may has ruled out the possibility of a second referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. A second vote would be an abuse of democracy, the politician believes. The Prime Minister called “a bargain for Britain” its concept of leaving the EU, which will allow you to continue trading, retain jobs and avoid border checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The UK is planning to withdraw from the EU in March 2019. Brussels and London are currently working on an agreement governing “Brekzita”. These negotiations should be completed before the end of October to give time for the parliaments of both sides agreed to ratify the document.

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