At polling stations in new York and new Jersey not working scanners and queues

На избирательных участках в Нью-Йорке и Нью-Джерси не работают сканеры и выстраиваются очереди

At polling stations in new York and new Jersey not working scanners and queues

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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In the first 2 hours after the opening of polling stations in the Tri-State area voters began to report various problems, from broken scanners to long queues.

One scanner was fine, the other has been temporarily disabled, but it was quickly repaired, and the third and last of the scanners did not work as 6.30“, — said one of the voters of PS 150 on 43rd Avenue in Queens.

Unlike many other States, where millions of Americans voted, new Yorkers are not in a hurry in the morning on the mid-term elections. Remember, most polling stations across the country opened today at 6.00 am and will close at 21.00.

Another voter told PIX11 that the Urban Assembly School of Law and Justice in Brooklyn, was opened 20 minutes late. A Twitter user with the nickname Jay complained about late discovery, arguing that the employee section in Bereukelen Community Center has asked voters to come to 7 am because he had no keys. In the end, to the site firefighters arrived and broke down the door.

Machen Gunaratna, a spokesman of the Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy, posted on his microblog video 8.05 lined up in the queue in Jersey city a few corridors of the school.

In other parts of new Jersey voters also expressed their dissatisfaction.

Already a problem in Union. The only device for voting in the 29th district is not working… People were asked to come back in an hour when you bring a new device“tweeted a resident of Union County.

Seriously, can someone Wake Governor Murphy and ask him to explain why my polling station in Somerset was closed until 6.30 am, and the staff survey is still equip everything, “wrote Twitter user DJ Curmudgeon.

Noting a problem on the site, please let us know by phone 866-VOTE-NYC.

By the way, the mid-term elections coincided with the last day for receiving applications for the lottery green card 2020.

2018 elections: Democrats argue that millions of Americans are deprived of the opportunity to vote

Representatives of Democrats believe that the competitors are not willing to conduct a fair fight. Together with human rights organizations, they need to change a number of rules and laws that, in their opinion, impede the holding of fair elections. According to estimates, almost 6 million people for various reasons cannot vote.

Where in new York you can get a discount by showing the sticker I Voted

On Tuesday, November 6, you will be able not only to perform their civic duty, but also “reward” yourself with some free (or almost free) treats.

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