At the bottom of the Pacific ocean, discovered by the famous American aircraft carrier

На дне Тихого океана обнаружен знаменитый американский авианосец

In the Pacific, near the Solomon Islands, discovered an American aircraft carrier during the Second world war “hornet,” reports the news service of CBS. Search for aircraft carrier has been the company Vulcan, created by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The aircraft carrier “hornet” was operated in 1941-1942. Participated in the naval battles of the initial period of the Pacific war, including the RAID on Tokyo in 1942 and the battle of midway. Was seriously damaged by aircraft in the battle of the Islands Santa Cruz, 26 October 1942, abandoned by crew and sunk by torpedoes of us and Japanese destroyers.

Our search experts have identified through archival data from ships that passed close to an aircraft carrier shortly before the flooding. With the help of deep-underwater devices were able to establish that the ship lies at a depth of five kilometers, and next to it — a lot of planes that were on deck at the time of the crash.