At the European gas stations unify marking of fuel

На европейских заправках унифицируют маркировку топлива

Introduced a unified designation system types of fuel.Circle will be marked with all types of gasoline, square – diesel, diamond – gas. Also near the symbol will be alphabetical and a numerical index indicating the kind and concentration of supplements, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

All the petrol stations of the European Union Friday, October 12, will start to operate a single system for the identification of fuels, reports Euractiv.

It is noted that all the fuel will be divided into three categories. Circle will be marked with all types of gasoline, square – diesel, diamond – gas. Letters in these symbols will denote the Supplement of the figures – the degree of concentration of additives in the gasoline.

New symbols will appear on the hatches of the tanks of the cars assembled after the introduction of the single classification.

However, many filling stations have introduced a new classification in September.

For example, gasoline E95 is marked as E5, E92 – E0, E98 – 10, depending on the maximum amount of biofuel (ethanol) in gasoline.

Diesel fuel – the letter B in the square with the numbers 7, 10, 20, or 30 indicating the maximum amount of biofuels.

In winter, Arctic diesel fuel from the first and second classes, and still will be one or two snowflakes and the sign of B0. Biodiesel is designated as B100, and synthetic diesel fuel – XTL.

Liquefied petroleum gas is indicated by a rhomb and the letters LPG, compressed natural gas – CNG letters; and liquefied natural gas – LNG.

The new rules will give drivers a clearer view of the ecological fuel and vehicles, according to the EU.

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