At the port of Los Angeles found the package paddeling of Nike sneakers for $ 2 million

В порту Лос-Анджелеса нашли груз поддельніх кроссовок Nike на 2 миллиона долларов

U.S. customs seized in the port of Los Angeles smuggling from China – the party in 14800 pairs of fake Nike for $ 2 million.

Sneakers were like Air Jordans – nominal lineco basketball player Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan). The party was transported to the sports complex long beach.

Customs officials said that counterfeiting include special models and simulation sneaker in a retro design, which are in great demand among collectors. Genuine shoes can cost about $ 1,500 when selling through the Internet.

Customs officials claim that the counterfeit footwear brands – is a “criminal industry several million dollars,” which is often used to Finance criminal schemes around the world.