At the UN conference in Poland did not allow the Ukrainians called the cause of the

На конференцию ООН в Польше не пустили украинцев: названа причина

In Poland detained 2 members of the environmental organization “Coda”, which went on to the international climate negotiations of the UN on climate change. The conference was held in Katowice. This was told the head of “Cod” Irina Stavchuk.

“With two of our activists have no connection with the early morning. The last message was such that in the hotel the police came, they checked the documents… in the evening from the Consulate of Ukraine, we received a message that they know where they are and will try to solve this situation”, — said the activist, reports “Gromadske radio”.

She said that she had not been allowed to Poland by the border guards. Along with it not let another 5 Ukrainians and four citizens of other countries (particularly Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia) who went to the conference.

“My colleagues were not allowed yesterday, I was not allowed today, but the procedure is the same. Take passport, first everything is fine, and then they drops some information about what we are denied entry into Poland during the UN Climate change conference. I had all the documents, but they just apologized and said that this information is top”, — noted Stavchuk.

According to her, the reason for the refusal of entry call this: “is considered a threat to public policy, internal security, public health or international relations of any member state of the European Union.”

Later, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andrei deshchitsa said on Twitter that the detained Ukrainians already released.

International climate negotiations the UN climate change this year are held in Polish Katowice. They began on 3 December and should last 2 weeks.

As he wrote, “the FACTS,” earlier, Georgian police detained in one of the hotels six citizens of Ukraine. Later Tbilisi city court took into custody the detained Ukrainians.

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