At the weekend someone hit the jackpot in $ 150 million

На выходных кто-то сорвал джекпот в 150 миллионов долларов

Powerball jackpot drawn last week-end, is $ 150 million. Won it is still unknown the lucky winner whose ticket contains a combination of numbers 03-23-32-37-58 and an additional number 22.

In the case of a lump-sum payment, the winner will get after taxes to 103.3 million dollars.

The last winning ticket with the Powerball jackpot worth $ 80 million was sold in Michigan in September. The chances to win the main prize this time was 1 to 292 million.

Powerball – one of the two largest lotteries in America. Jackpots begin from $ 40 million, tickets cost $ 2. The largest in the history of the winnings amounted to more than $ 1.5 billion.