At the world championship of pizza in Canada, the winner ate 19 pizzas in 10 minutes (PHOTO)

На мировом чемпионате по поеданию пиццы в Канаде победитель съел 19 пицц за 10 минут (ФОТО)

Serious competition on a world scale-eating pizza in Canada was held in Vaughan, Ontario. Participants were given 10 minutes to eat as many pizzas 20 cm in size with crust.

The championship was attended by 11 people. Outwardly, it was more like stuffing slices of pizza into his mouth.

American Joffrey Esper had won, having to eat 19 pizzas. In the second place the legend of eating contests Joe “Jaws” chestnut won the second place by eating 17 pizzas. Ended the three winners of the 11 pizzas.

Chestnut had won the championship for eating hot dogs, where he broke the record by eating 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

For training before the championship, the participants eat very little for a couple of days before the event.

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