Attack in New Zealand: who is Brenton Tarrant the suspected terrorist right-wing

Attentat en Nouvelle-Zélande: qui est Brenton Tarrant le terroriste présumé d'extrême droite

A terrorist attack broke out this Friday, march 15, at Christchurch in New Zealand. Two shootings in mosques have been at least 40 deaths at a time when the muslims are praying. A suspect, Brenton Tarrant, has been arrested. It is known in Australia as “a terrorist extremist right-wing and violent”.

Brenton Tarrant, an Australian, aged 28, is the alleged perpetrator of the attack against two mosques of Christchurch in New Zealand, which occurred on Friday morning.

The man is known in his country, according to the australian Prime minister, as “a terrorist extremist right-wing and violent”.

He had posted several photos on a forum of its arsenal of war before taking over the management of mosques. It was also broadcast live on Facebook the shootings perpetrated by at least two automatic weapons, and who have made at least 40 dead and about twenty wounded.

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Brenton Tarrant would be part of the four individuals arrested after the massacre: three men and a woman who had many explosives in their cars (explosives désamorcés by the police).

Before you commit to the attack, the terrorist suspect had also posted online a lengthy manifesto entitled “the great replacement”, and had also referred to France, which he would have found “the invasion by non-whites” during a trip.