Attack of Christchurch: accomplices in France? The intelligence investigation

Attentat de Christchurch: des complices en France? Le renseignement enquête

According to information of the magazine The Express, the intelligence services, the French are actively seeking to retrace the history of Brenton Tarrant, the author of the killing of Christchurch. The man spent several weeks in france in 2017 and talks about his disgust of the omnipresence in his eyes of “non-white” in his “manifesto”. The investigators wanted to know if he could have contacts in France.

The killing occurred at 19,000 kilometers of France, yet the intelligence services, the French are on alert. The one that the local press present as Brenton Tarrant, the shooter who has shot and killed 49 people in two mosques in Christchurch, appears to have links, at least emotionally with France. The man aged 28, was made in france for several weeks between April and may 2017. These facts are reported in his “manifesto” he left before you pass the act, and where his vision of the situation in France returns several times.

Referring to his stay in france, he describes a country “invaded by non-whites” referring in particular to his disgust in seeing the number of people of color when it was in a shopping centre in the east of France. He claims to have also visited a military cemetery which would have upset the thinking of the “death in vain” these men who have not been able to prevent it, according to him, the arrival of the “invaders”.

Present in France during the presidential election campaign and the victory of Emmanuel Macron, the one who describes himself first as a “European” (as well as being of australian nationality) expressed his disgust with the final result. Speaking of Marine Le Pen, he explains that “the possible victory of a quasi-nationalist, to me, was the sign that a political solution was still possible”. But the large victory of Emmanuel Macron to the second round against the candidate of the ex-national Front was “plunged in despair”. In his view, the new French president is only a “banker’s anti-white, internationalist and globalist”.

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The importance of France in the person who was largely responsible for the massacre through the development of a “manifesto” –as was for example done before the Norwegian Anders Breivik in 2011, out of concern for the French-language services. According to information of the magazine The Express, the intelligence hexagonal focuses on the pacrours of the killer in France, trying to find signs of its passage in the airports or on the borders, in the footsteps of her phone and any cctv footage.

New Zealand would have already been sent to the French authorities a number of requests for information to assist in the investigations. The French justice has not yet formally opened an investigation because no victim française has for the moment been recorded. But the information about them, are at work to check if the stay of Brenton Tarrant in france was a matter of simple tourism or if he was able to get in touch with other people supporting –see-preparing– a similar act.

Christophe Castaner, the minister of the Interior has asked the prefects to mobilize the personnel necessary for enhancing the security of places of worship.

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