Attempt armed Ukrainians to break into the EU was caught on video

Попытка вооруженных украинцев прорваться в ЕС попала на видео

Wednesday, 13 February, two Ukrainians wanted to illegally cross the border with Poland and tried to use the weapon. This “Bagnetu” it became known from the press center of the state border service.

The incident occurred at the automobile checkpoint Krakovets – korcheva in the Lviv region. Two of the citizen of Ukraine driving a Mercedes at the Ukrainian register. The guards found the lack of an international insurance certificate for the car – Green card.

After clarification of the guards on the rules of crossing the state border, they entered the fray and then locked in the car. Arrived at the scene, the forces on duty of the checkpoint and the police.

“On the Krakovets checkpoint, local residents refused to comply with the demands of the guards and even tried to apply against the military force. The reaction of the guards were tough, but within the law,” – said the speaker of the state border service Oleg Slobodyan.

Security officials had to knock the glass door on the driver side. Ukrainians detained, they left the administrative reports on the article for willful disobedience of a lawful order or demand of a military serviceman or employee of the tax service (article 185-Article 10).