Australian troops hoisted the Nazi flag

Австралийские военные вывесили нацистский флаг

The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has condemned a photo showing Australian military car with a Nazi flag made in Afghanistan.“Absolutely unacceptable,” the incident occurred during the mission in 2007, reports the

Military officials said that the symbol of Nazism “was on the car very long” before interfered command officers, and added that the perpetrators actions were punished.

Photo of the incident, which occurred in 2007, caused an outcry after it had been published by the Australian broadcasting Corporation (ABC) yesterday.

“It was wrong – absolutely wrong, and the commanders took action,” said Turnbull told reporters.

The photograph of the soldiers sit on a military vehicle in front of them waving flags with a swastika.

ABC quoted anonymous sources who stated that the incident was a “joke” and not a sign of support of neo-Nazism.

Now the authorities opened an investigation into the case.

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