Autumn watermelon can be hazardous to health

Осенние арбузы могут быть опасны для здоровья

Buying autumn watermelon, carefully inspect it for any obvious damage and dentsDelicious berry called watermelon that I love almost everything Matures, as it is known, for August, and some varieties are preferable to only start from September, writes the with reference to

Nutritionists recommend it to all my patients, even those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and diabetes. The only reasonable restriction – not to exceed-ounce serving of this juicy and sweet treats.

And here suddenly appeared the news: autumn watermelon can be hazardous to health. Such information is the result of research conducted by American scientists from the University of Washington.

All of us every year I warn you: do not buy early water-melons! They may be poisonous due to the large amount of nitrates that accumulate in the skin and pulp from the desire of melon growers to accelerate the growth of fruits and make a profit. And it’s still true. But now the autumn harvest of watermelons was in the list of dangerous products.

The first reason: nitrates, which fall into the melons from soil during their growth and maturation, anywhere from these berries do not disappear – on the contrary, during long-term storage after harvest, the toxins may enhance their activity. And if the watermelon was laying in a damp unventilated room, but still at a high temperature, instead of use and enjoyment they can cause poisoning and even death.

The second reason: to enhance the “vitality” of watermelons during transport and subsequent storage until the autumn, they tear a little immature, and reach to the condition they are already on the road or in the warehouse. Often maturation occurs much faster than the expected time, and part of watermelons can crack and get through the cracks dangerous bacteria. When you purchase these watermelons are often impossible to detect such invisible damage the skin, but enough to be a serious health risk lovers of sweet treats.

The third reason: putting unripe watermelons in storage until autumn sales, traders are treated to their special compositions, which are intended to protect the berries from bacteria. But these same formulations under a long exposure to the fruit penetrate the skin and make it toxic for the consumer. Partly in this case, the Council can help infectious diseases: if you are unsure of the origin of the watermelon, the method of transportation or storage, do not eat the flesh closest to the skin of the fruit, limit yourself to only the middle part of the watermelon flesh. It it tastes better and sweeter too. And even if baghavad or the carrier was conscious and did everything possible for transport and storage of watermelon in optimal conditions, the exhaust gases of highways and adverse weather conditions of cities in any case affect all products, being a long time in the city, even if the warehouse is on the outskirts.

Experts recommend: buying autumn watermelon, carefully inspect it for any obvious damage and dents, and selecting the appropriate result, do not forget to use to wash it with soap and drenched with boiling water. Don’t eat that part of the pulp, which is closer to the skin. Sliced watermelon store in the refrigerator no longer than a day, and whole fruit – not longer than a month and a half.And remember: the perfect fruit you can buy in August or early September. In the autumn of the risks to harm their health by eating a favorite treat, increase.

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