Avengers 4 : Thanos could face two opponents unexpected






If what we can expect in Avengers 4 seems to be stitched with white thread for a lot of us, the film could still book us for sacred surprises. One would expect no less from Marvel.

And it is true that, when you think about it, Avengers 4 occupies a prominent place in the MCU and has to face several enormous challenges. Already, conclude the story ofAvengers : Infinity War, which has quite the bloody mess in flinguant three-quarters of the cast. Then sit the status of a new figurehead of Captain Marvel, whose film solo will be released on march 6, 2019 or a month and a half before. And finally, the film will have to prepare the famous Phase IV is expected all.


Thanos risk of regret his snap of the fingers


Because the reverse of the previous Phases of the MCU, Marvel is well guarded to reveal to us in what direction it was going to leave. If we are expecting a few suites of already known characters like Black Panther, this Phase IV will be also, and especially, the opportunity to get acquainted with new heroes. And among them, there are The Eternals which a film is set in 2020. The Eternals, in French, is a film directed by Chloé Zhao, and who will tell us about the adventures of a handful of humans modified by the intelligence of heaven to transform them into super-heroes and super-villains.

But here we learn that we might see some of them sooner than expected because Daniel RPK, a member of the site SuperBroMovies, just announced on Tweeter that he had discovered that two Eternals would be in Avengers 4.


Captain Marvel is not going to be very happy


“They started doing the casting for two roles for the Forever OF NOW. There is another rumor that confirms that there would only be two characters, which means that they might have caméos in the next productions Marvel, or more logically in the scenes post-generic.

The two characters in question would be “Karen” and Piper / Sprite. They could appear in Captain Marvel or Avengers 4. But Avengers 4 seems the most likely.”

Of course, nothing official for the moment, it is a rumor as there are so many others around the, if this is the film most awaited of the next year. But other sources seem to confirm that Marvel is currently in search of actors portraying his two characters. Anyway, we won’t be certain that once in the room, watching the film, on the 24th of April next.


The Eternals are likely to show Thanos that super-hero means

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