Avengers 4 : the chaos Guardians of the galaxy 3 has nothing changed in the plans of Marvel, apparently






The scandal, James Gunn, has postponed indefinitely the release of the Guardians of the galaxy 3 changed nothing in the plans for the MCU, according to the brothers Russo.

Who could have doubted it a few months ago that James Gunn was going to be shown the door by Disney, that The Guardians of the galaxy 3 (supposed to be turned by the beginning of 2019, for output to 2020) would be indefinitely postponed, and that the filmmaker would end up in the shop in front, to oversee Suicide Squad 2 ?

The scandal of old tweets dubious come out of the bowels of the web has led to the fall of James Gunn in the happy world of Disney, and since then, Star Lord and his band have been stored away in the closet, with no specific plan except for their return in Avengers 4, which will be released in France on April 24, 2019.

And if the rumors have multiplied since the possible consequences of such a situation, Joe and Anthony Russo, director of’the Avengers : Infinity War and its aftermath, to ensure that it is fake.


The Guards in limbo


At a special screening of’Avengers : Infinity War organized by Collider, the duo of producer behind also Captain America : The soldier winter and Captain America : Civil War has answered a few questions from the audience. Among them : the impact of the exit driven out of Guardians of the galaxy 3, a film placed on the chess-board MCUS as one of the next steps post-Thanos.

No need to worry for the brothers, who have stated that this in no way has affected the Avengers 4. The role of Star-Lord and his band has not changed, because the filming was already finished.

A clear statement, except that the filmmakers fun at some of the world : if the principal photography ofthe Avengers 4 was complete when James Gunn was fired last July (he was since January), the reshoots organized in September are not a secret. Mark Ruffalo himself has talked about it.


Which was too open ?


The interpreter of Bruce Banner had even declared that these reshoots were more than a few small plans to right-to-left.

We don’t do that reshoots, we finish the film, which was clearly not full when we finished the shooting last year. (…) It is like a living organism, although this is a film that is looped, it is still evolving.”

The reshoots would have so held from 7 September to 12 October, plenty of time to rearrange a few elements and characters, close doors and open others.


Drax to crash


The main question in the air is that of Dave Bautista, the interpreter of Drax has widely expressed its displeasure vis-à-vis the policy of Disney. The actor reiterated that he found the decision to expel James Gunn abnormal and dangerous, going so far as to require that the scenario of the director (which was almost ready for filming) is used, while clearly saying that he wanted to leave the MCU.

Difficult in these circumstances to imagine that the history of the Guardians will continue without any change, and Dave Bautista back in the ranks to ensure the promo ofthe Avengers 4 like a good little soldier. On the other hand, imagine that the brothers Russo have drowned the fish.

If James Gunn is currently only writer of Suicide Squad 2, still in development, his faithful Michael Rooker stated that he would also achieve it. Side MCU, the next appointment is called Captain Marvel, and it will be on march 6, 2019.


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