Avril Lavigne announced the first after a five year hiatus the album and presented the new video

Avril Lavigne in the music video Tell Me It’s Over

34-year-old Avril Lavigne is finally back in operation — the singer announced the first after a five year hiatus the album and presented this year’s second video. The video for the song Tell Me It’s Over appeared on YouTube a few hours ago and has already managed to gain over 1.2 million hits.

In a new video lyrical heroine Avril talks about a relationship with a lover who was very violent: they quarreled, reconciled, then separated, then converged again. Love theme singer close to two Avalanches marriage ended in divorce.

Opinions of fans of the singer on her new music video split. One clip I liked, but others noted that previous work of the artist was much more successful. However, the return of Avril all of her fans very happy and now expect the stars of the new audio and videotvorenij.

The song Tell Me It’s Over will be included in the new album called Head Above Water, the release of which will take place on 19 February next year. Latest album Avril Lavigne has released five years ago.

Recall that in the spring of this year the actress first appeared in public after two-year hiatus. The long absence of the star was seriously worried about her fans — some have even suggested that EE is dead.

But in fact, Lavin has long been treated from Lyme disease, which was caused by a tick bite. Now left behind not only a dangerous disease, but failures in his personal life — the singer is happy in a new relationship with Philippe Serafimom.

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