Award-winning chef from Spain in Kiev will present the cuisine of the Basque Country

Титулованные шеф-повара из Испании презентуют в Киеве кухню Страны Басков

On February 23, restaurant Whisky Corner will host a social event within the world series of dinners with The Macallan Dinner. This time the guests will be acquainted with Basque cuisine accompanied by the legendary single malt whisky.

The relationship of Scotland and Spain in the context of this event is not accidental. For the first time on the market of Scotch whisky, the Macallan introduced a drink that is aged in barrels of sherry. The main supplier of barrels, impregnated with the aroma and taste of fortified wine, is Spain. Evening dedicated to Basque cuisine – a kind of nod of the brand to address close to the spirit of Northern mountain people.

To acquaint the guests with the cuisine of its region to be the Maestro Ruben Trincado, chef of the restaurant Mirador de Ulia, marked with a star guide “Michelin”. By the way, the hometown of Ruben – San Sebastian – a record for the number of Michelin-starred restaurants per square meter. Local chefs own 16 stars “red guide”.

The Basque country, and in particular, San Sebastian, is not called the gastronomic Mecca of Europe. Since the NINETEENTH century, there are closed culinary society in which men (women’s entrance to the “club” closed) experimenting with foods, new combinations and new recipes. In the 70-ies of the last century Basque passion for innovation gave birth to popular in the world of culinary direction – molecular gastronomy.

Soft and warm climate of the region contributes to a good harvest that peplum cleverly transform into masterpieces of Haute cuisine, following the basic rules: use only seasonal, local ingredients and keep their natural taste. The Basques believe that the placer of herbs and spices are used if “necessary to save a low-quality product.”

That’s why chefs with great passion monitor the freshness and quality of products. Is to cook the fish, if the market was not a fresh catch and not even think to surprise your guests with a sorbet of raspberries out of season. Always eat meat with the blood, frying the whole huge piece that is cut into portions at the table. By the way, the Basques do not accept the “puppet” portion sizes and serve food on large plates, often filling them to the brim.

Gastronomy of the Basque culture is so distinctive that if you try the kitchen one day, it will want to come back again. That is why the evening of Basque cuisine from Ruben, Trincado in Whisky Corner in February – will not be the only one. In may, the organizers promise to all gourmets of the capital meeting with prominent Spanish chef Luis Arrufat.

Takes star guest 11 Mirrors – the first and only design hotel in Ukraine, which is located in the heart of the business, cultural and historic Kiev, just a few steps from the National Opera and Vladimir Cathedral, the best restaurants and shops in the city.

Menu star of dinner:

Basque soup with seasonal vegetables ( SALDA CON VERDURAS DE TEMPORADA)
Three textures of artichokes (ALCACHOFAS TRES TEXTURAS)
Egg cooked at low temperature with caviar and truffle (HUEVO A BAJA TEMPERATURA CON CAVIAR Y TRUFA)

Cod, stewed in its own juice (GUISO DE BACALAO SOBRE SUS CALLOS)

Cheeks with sauerkraut (CHUCRUT CARRILLERAS CON)

Lacquered duck with Apple osmosis (OSMOSIS PATO LACADO CON DE MANZANA)

Cheese carpaccio (CARPACCIO DE QUESO)

Dinner will be accompanied by The Macallan. And with the support of Metro Cash&Carry, market “Capital” and Osetr.

Ordering of tickets and more information call:
(044) 279 02 15
(050) 480 38 03

Scottish house-restaurant Whisky Corner, St. Sophia, 16/16