Away from the aggressor: the foreign intelligence Service began to emerge from the structures of the CIS

Прочь от страны-агрессора: Служба внешней разведки начала выход из структур СНГ

Foreign intelligence service (SVR) of Ukraine on behalf of the President started the procedure of withdrawal from the agreement on the principles and main directions of cooperation of security bodies and intelligence services of States-participants of the CIS in the sphere of intelligence from 1992. This is stated in the message on the Agency’s website.

In the RAF stressed that the participation of the services in this contract is absurd.

“The participation of Ukrainian intelligence in the Treaty along with the Russian special services is absurd, considering armed aggression of Russian Federation against Ukraine, which lasts for the fifth year. Ukrainian intelligence it is known that the Russian security services in 2014 sent a powerful resource for preventing withdrawal of Ukraine from the orbit of influence of the Kremlin. It is increasingly clear that the relevant large-scale operation was carried out by Russian special forces in Ukraine long before the open armed attack on our country in 2014“, — underlined in the message.

In addition, it is noted that the hostile attitude of the intelligence services of the Russian Federation to Ukraine 9 December 2018 openly said the head of the foreign intelligence service of Russia Sergei Naryshkin in an interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

Also in SVR noted that the Russian security services have extended their intelligence and subversive activities of countries-members of NATO.

“This is evidenced by the loud spy scandals involving Russian intelligence agencies, which occurred recently in some Western countries”, — stated in the message.

It is emphasized that the foreign intelligence service of Ukraine together with partners in the Euro-Atlantic intelligence community and will continue active work aimed at the identification and neutralization of destructive activities of the Russian special services.

As previously reported “FACTS”, on Monday, December 10, President Petro Poroshenko signed the law on the termination of the Treaty of friendship with Russia. The next day, 11 December, the document was officially published in parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” and will take effect tomorrow, December 12. The law provides that the contract will cease to operate from 1 April 2019.

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