Axel, 19 years old, disappeared at the exit of a nightclub : his body was recovered from the water in a basin

Axel, 19 ans, disparu à la sortie d'une discothèque : son corps repêché dans un bassin

The lifeless body of Axel Guerdin has been drafted into a basin of the Rhine port in Strasbourg, in the Bas-Rhin.

It is the river police who made the gruesome discovery on Monday during the research.

This student of 19 years had disappeared in the night of Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 December in Strasbourg.

He had been partying with friends at the Famous Club lounge located near the train station of Kehl, in Germany, a few metres from Strasbourg, France.

At the exit of the nightclub, to 1H45, he was gone to walk in the direction of Strasbourg.

At 2: 16, he had been seen on cctv footage on the French side, at the foot of the bridge, the tram, in the area of the Rhine Port. Since then, they no longer had any sign of life.

An autopsy will be performed in the coming days to learn more about the circumstances of the death. The trail of an accidental fall in the pool would be preferred.