Axel, a student of 19 years, has disappeared out at a nightclub

Axel, étudiant de 19 ans, a disparu à la sortie d'une discothèque

Axel Guerdin, 19 years old, disappeared on the night of Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 December in Strasbourg.

This evening, the arts student film has partied with friends at the Famous Club lounge located near the train station of Kehl, in Germany, a few metres from Strasbourg, France.

At the exit of the nightclub, at about 1: 30-2 pm, he started walking in the direction of Strasbourg.

At 2: 16, he was seen on cctv footage on the French side, at the foot of the bridge, the tram, in the area of the Rhine Port. Since, there is no longer any sign of life.

The industrial buildings located within the vicinity have been excavated and the ponds were surveyed by the divers. In vain.

Axel measuring 1.75 metres. It has the eyes green, hair light brown, short, and stiff. It has a grain of beauty on the front. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a sweater bordeaux and blue jeans.

Anyone who can provide information on the disappearance can call the investigators at 03 90 23 17 17.