B Volkswagen has explained why the company is against electric cars

B Volkswagen объяснили, почему компания против электрокаров

The head of the company spoke about the dangers of European policy for the transition to electric cars.

Too rapid a transition to electric vehicles could have a very negative impact on the automotive industry. This statement in his interview was made head of the Volkswagen Herbert Diss, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Аutonews.

The European Union adopted the decision on the reduction of emission levels of cars of hazardous substances by the year 2030 35%. German automakers believed that the optimal number – 30%. However, they have not listened. On the Old Continent by 2030, the electric vehicles must occupy at least 35% of the market. Ie, automakers will be required to produce electric cars in large quantities.

Herbert Diess believes that this is too quick a transition to the vehicles with electric powertrain will have a negative impact on the automotive industry. He predicts that only in Germany because of this job might lose 100,000 people.

Development and production of electric vehicles requires a huge investment. The electric car is to buy not very happy. It is not surprising, therefore, that automobile companies want to delay the process of transition to “green” technology.

Earlier it was reported that the Volkswagen Group will invest in the coming years in the development and production of electric vehicles 7 billion Euros. In 2010, Volkswagen plans to sell worldwide, nearly 150,000 electric vehicles. By 2025 this figure is expected to increase to 1 million.

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