Baby Indigo: how we have conquered a four-year-old Timothy

Daughter Of Timothy Alice

In a recent materials on SPLETNIK.RU we talked about the talents of five children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, and today this topic was continued. This time we will talk about another child star family — charming Alice, daughter of Timothy and the Alena Shishkova, which to my four years able not only to read, count and solve complex logical tasks, but masterfully stands on a surfboard, does the splits and flies in a windtunnel. And, believe me, not all!

Secret birth

Baby Alice was born on March 9, 2014 in a hospital in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), and this news came as a surprise to many fans of the rapper Timati. The girl’s mother was the 26-year-old model Alena Shishkov (at the time she was 22). The first time after delivery model along with Alice, Timothy, (which,according to rumors, will soon become a father for the second time) and his mother Simone lived in the Dominican Republic — that is why the girl from childhood accustomed to the hot climate, the sun and the ocean.

Timati baby Alice

Alena Shishkov with her daughter Alice

Some time after the appearance of Alice in the light Timati and Alena decided to leave, but remained in excellent terms. Since then, the girl most of the time started with my grandmother — because of their employment, her parents felt that this was the best solution. In fact, as Simon started to run their Instagram, which is active with love and tenderness tells about each new achievement of Alice.

Alena Shishkova and Timati with her daughter Alice

Simon with his granddaughter Alice

Earlier development

From early childhood parents and Simone deal with the development of girls, paying special attention to the formation of the visual, tactile and auditory memory. The girl actively tutoring in math, Russian and English language, logic, and other subjects, so in my four years, Alice knows at least (or maybe even more!) many first graders.

Simon is convinced that studying at an early age should be a pleasure, not drudgery, so the lessons of Alice are solely in the form of a game — so the girl did not lose interest in what is happening.



For these purposes, the grandmother of the baby hired superpoderosa: the use of various educational games with pictures, sounds, images that not only help to teach your child something new, but also develop her imagination. So as not to interrupt the educational process, the teacher Elena often accompanies Alice even traveling around the world.

Elena and Timothy


By the way, judging from the short clips with the girl on the page for Simone, this approach indeed yields the fruits — stories told by Alice that you can relive over and over again, marveling at how funny, naive (and sometimes even very Mature) she thinks and builds phrases.


Healthy body, healthy spirit

Parents of Alice are paying attention to not only her mental, but also physical development. For example, to teach a girl to swim they started almost from infancy. Some parents will say, “Oh the horror! At such a tender age the child can’t even breathe!” But Simon holds a different point of view, thanks to what is now a four-year Alice did not afraid of water, bravely conquers waves with no sleeves and dives expertly.

Alice with grandma Simone

By the way, water girl, symbolically born under the sign of Pisces, there is a special relationship. About a year ago, she with the filing of the father began to surf. One of the rollers on which Alice is expertly kept on the Board, and inspired us to create this material. We, by the way, it seems that the girl now can give odds to many young surfers and inspire them to ride on the Board by example.


Dramatic circle, the circle on the photo.

Swimming is not the only hobby four years baby. In her daily busy schedule also includes ballet lessons in the dance Studio where I teach teachers from the Bolshoi theatre classes, the drama club, flying in aerotrube, classes at the gymnastics center, as well as other types of physical activity.

And at such a young age Alice is naughty and has been very diligent judging by the videos in Instagram, the girl regularly, it improves your stretching together with the teachers and could easily get into side splits and to comply with several simple exercises at the ballet bar.

Incidentally, Simon is convinced that the girl has no innate ballet data. However, Timothy’s mom believes that this is not a reason to forget about the ballet and stop to visit the Studio.

She likes to do, and I like that she listens to good classical music, learning to win over yourself and already watching ballet, and I’m watching with interest its growth.

says Simone.


And if the ballet Alice, rather, overcomes himself, then in the classroom for flying in aerotrube feels like a fish in water! According to observations most of Simone, a girl very quickly grasped the basics of this skill and learned to fly very high (for comparison, even an adult, as a rule, very hard to learn such flights). The girl’s grandmother is convinced that these lessons are the best way to teach her own body and to do right by him.


Lady from the cradle

Since childhood, mother and grandmother Alice instill a love of beauty and teach her to care for themselves. For example, the girl loves to organize fashion shows, try on Quinceanera dresses and various accessories and then show off in front of the mirror. In addition, Alice is a frequent visitor at the beauty salon, which is run by her mother Alena Shishkova. There, the girl from time to time to do a haircut, and a manicure with pedicure.

Alice with grandma Simone Alice with his uncle Artem


However, the girl did not want to grow CIT. Besides the love for grooming, she also instill the habit to perform typically female chores. For example, Alice already knows how to properly hang things after washing, stroking, trying to cook their first meals, and also aware of the need to clean up after themselves and restore order in the apartment.


A good soul

Alice grows very good-natured girl. This can be seen in her reverent attitude to animals. The daughter of a Russian rapper not only loves Jack-Russell-Terrier Chuck, who lives in their family, but loves other animals. Due to the fact that from early childhood, Alice had grown up with four-legged friend, she is not afraid of animals and always very eager to go with them on contact.

Alice with your pet Chuck

The girl’s dogs, a mini pig, a Dolphin or a horse — Alice will easily find the approach to any animal and within a matter of minutes, will gently stroke it.



In addition to the above Alice Yunusov also has managed to appear in the video father to move on with him (the girl was not scared even the scale “Olympic”), and even more time to appear in the light. Sure, more — more, and SPLETNIK.RU will continue to monitor the progress of this precocious girl with blond hair and bottomless eyes.

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