Balbino Fuenmayor signed with the Nationals

Balbino Fuenmayor signe avec les Nationals

After a brief stint with the Capitals of Quebec, at the end of last season, the first-order Balbino Fuenmayor will make a return in the baseball affiliate in 2018 as a result of his put under contract by the organization of the Nationals of Washington.

The player 28-year-old native of Venezuela has agreed to a contract to the minor leagues with the Nationals. It will be a third trial in the subsidiaries in the major leagues for those whose rights have already belonged to the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals.

Fuenmayor had joined the Capitals at the end of the month of August, last summer, after having played a full season in the League of Mexico. His greatest achievement has been to hit both circuits in the last match of the final, won by the Capitals against the Boulders of Rockland in a Stadium Canac cheering.

Balbino has reached the AAA level with the Royals in 2015 and 2016. He had also played in Quebec city, in 2014, and his effort of 23 circuits and 99 points had earned him an offer of the Royals. In 2015, he had participated in a Match of future stars baseball affiliate. In 2016, a knee injury prevented him from reaching the highest step of the profession. In 2017, he had participated in the training camp of the Atlanta Braves before being cut off by the last day of the League of grapefruits.

Sams open to get back

Fuenmayor was one of four veterans of the Capitals at the end of season 2017, the other being the pitcher Karl G?linas, in the first-order Jordan Lennerton and outfielder Kalian Sams. He played in the league of winter of his country, lately.

For the time being, G?linas is the only member of the four aces to be assured of returning with the Capitals. Lennerton has confirmed his retirement from baseball on the night of the seventh conquest of the championship team while Sams are still living in the hope of getting a contract in Asia. If he does not realize his dream, the author of 23 circuits in 2017 in Qu?bec city would not exclude a return with the Capitals.

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