Bear Panda who decided to ride on the mother, touched by the Network

Медвежонок панды, решивший прокатиться на маме, умилил Сеть

Panda cub imagined himself as a rider and decided to ride on mom.

Another video, filmed at the zoo in China, it touches the audience as the main character frame is a naughty Panda cub, writes the with reference to ZOO-business Small Toffee decided to try himself as a rider, only for want of a horse the cub tried to climb on the back of a mother Panda named FEI-FEI, what it is, of course, is not too happy.

Internet users are not stingy on the rave reviews, calling this short sketch is very nice, and some even said that would not refuse to keep a Panda as a pet.

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