Beaver win at home

The Beavers of Acton Vale won their home game against the Cardinals of Saint-Jérôme by the score of 6 to 3 Sunday afternoon.
The Cardinals had the wind in their sails at the beginning of the second run with the goals filled and Mark Nadler at the bat. However, his long ball in the center was caught dramatically by Emmanuel Forcier.

Once at batting, the Valois formation then scored two points on a circuit of Jonathan Frenette.

In the following round, they relapsed by adding four more points, including two on a long ball bumped by Frédéric Gaudreau. The score was 6-0 after three rounds.

Nadler recovered early in the fourth inning by hitting a solo circuit that scored his team. Two other points were scored by St. Jerome in the fifth, but too little too late.

Beaters starting pitcher Étienne St-Amand saw his record rise to two wins and two losses. Lifter David O’Neill entered the sixth inning for Acton Vale and recorded a fifth save this season. The thrower of Cardinals Gabriel de Lisi is left with a first loss to his record.

The Beavers will host Wednesday night the Pirates of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, leaders of the Louisville Slugger division, which also includes Acton Vale. The Pirates have a record of 11 wins against 7 losses. As for them, the Beavers have 10 wins against 9 losses this season.

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