Became aware of the daring provocations of the Russians at the Ukrainian passage of ships through the Kerch Strait

Стало известно о дерзких провокациях россиян при проходе украинских кораблей через Керченский пролив

Aggression near the Kerch Strait was not the first from the Russians. The Russian Navy earlier resorted to provocation, for example, in September during the passage through the Kerch Strait Ukrainian ships “koretz” and “Donbass”. In an interview with “FACTS” said Andrew kouzakov, the military correspondent of the program “Today. Pdsmi s Oleg Pantou”.

In September 2018, “koretz” and “Donbass” were from Odessa to Mariupol through the Kerch Strait, in advance having warned the Russian side.

The Russian ships might interfere with our crews during their movement. They maneuvered and shifted their course, simulating a possible collision of ships… In the air up Russian aircraft, including bombers, flying over Ukrainian ships, simulating an attack, “—said the war correspondent.

According to Kazakova, sailors, approaching the Kerch Strait, found that Russia under the false pretext of trying to close all the shipping.

The Russian side said that they (the court) fall within the so-called Pripev. In the language of the military’s regulations about where are areas where you do not have to enter the ship… When our sailors got these Prepy and put them on the map, saw that, according to their position, they generally can’t come to the Kerch Strait, “—explained the posted by.

Having established in international Maritime organizations, the Russian side did not report any exclusion zones, the crews decided to go on and successfully overcome the Kerch Strait.

We will remind, in November the situation in the Kerch Strait again. But this time, Russia openly attacked the Ukrainian court, fired at them and captured sailors.

About what happened and is happening in the sea of Azov, in an interview with kuzakova “Provocation by Russia was before.”


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