Became aware of the new maneuvers of fighters on Donbass

Стало известно о новых маневрах боевиков на Донбассе

On the Russian border, the OSCE mission faces serious limitations by militants in the occupied Donbas and not able to carry out a full monitoring of the situation. It is reported by UNN with reference to the Ministry of foreign Affairs on Twitter.

“The OSCE mission on the Russian border continues to work in difficult and cramped conditions, excluding the provision of integrated monitoring. Russia does not allow observers even to talk with passers-by,” — said the head of the permanent mission of Ukraine to the OSCE.

He also added that the violence committed by armed groups in the Donbas, in combination with the continued flow of military equipment and personnel from Russia, stresses the need for full control of the border.

In this case, the permanent mission of the EU in the OSCE expresses its concern at the systematic failures of the Mission in access to border areas by militants and actual concealment from the international community, the situation on the border with Russia.

“The EU calls for a significant expansion of the Mission at all border crossings not controlled by the Russian-Ukrainian state border and deplores the resistance of Russia to this expansion,” — said the representative of the EU.