Became aware of this unexpected decision may relatively a crucial vote on the terms Brexit

Стало известно о неожиданном решении Мей относительно решающего голосования об условиях Brexit

In the UK, has cancelled a key vote in Parliament about the conditions of release that state from the European Union. The vote, which was held on Tuesday, December 11, abolished the Prime Minister Theresa may.

It is reported Bloomberg citing a source familiar with the situation. The publication stresses that the government could force Theresa may to have a vote as planned — right now about this systematic consultations. Also stresses that the Prime Minister has taken such a step in order to avoid a major defeat.

It is reported that Theresa may, spent last weekend in talks with EU leaders, but they said that negotiations on the terms Brexit resume will not. “The plan may defer to the vote leads to more confusion in the process of Brexit. It should arrive in Brussels at the EU summit on Thursday and is expected to ask for new concessions in an attempt to revive the chances of the agreement through Parliament… If Parliament refuses to ratify the agreement on withdrawal, the UK will be on the way to leave the EU without a deal, unleashing political and economic chaos. Itself may may be removed from office, and the UK may require a new election or a further referendum to resolve the crisis”, — says the publication.

Material about what you are trying to agree the EU and the UK with the release of the latest from the EU, visit the website of “FACTS”: “Mei asks everyone to support the plan Brexit — British, and Europeans.”

As previously reported “FACTS”, November 14, Prime Minister Theresa may announced that her government had approved its exit plan in the United Kingdom from the European Union.

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