Became known cause of death “Zombie battle”

Стала известна причина смерти “Зомби-боя”

The coroner of Quebec Melissa Gagnon was named the official cause of death of actor and model Rick Genesta (Rick Genest), nicknamed “Zombie boy” (Zombie Boy) – fall from a balcony in an accident.

Genest was known as an extraordinary personality. After his death in August 2018, many believed that he committed suicide because he had a history of treatment for mental illness and drug addiction. However, the official opinion of the coroner, a tragic accident led to the fact that “Zombie boy” fell from the balcony on the 3rd floor. It happened in the apartment of his relative. Genesta was 32 years old.

The coroner’s report informs that the signs of the “clear and unequivocal intention to commit suicide” was not found. From Genesta in blood found high levels of alcohol and traces of marijuana Smoking – so he probably slipped while drunk and fell down.