Became known, when the EU finally cancels transfer of hours

Стало известно, когда в ЕС окончательно отменят перевод часов

From October next year, European countries will stop switching to winter/summer time.The European Union refuses to transition from summer to winter time since October 2019.

It on a press-conferences were reported by the European Commissioner Violeta Bulk, on Friday, September 14, writes the with reference to TSN.

“Since the end of October 2019, a seasonal transfer of hours will be no more,” said the Commissioner. Conducted in the EU study involving a record 4.6 million people showed that 84% of respondents against the clock.

The cancellation of transfer hours must be approved by the European Parliament and the European Commission, however, this process may take up to two years. “Either we will stay in daylight saving time, or those countries that decide to switch to winter time set the clock in October (2019), and all”, – told the Bulk.

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