Became known, who will be the main hero of the series about Lord of the Rings

Стало известно, кто станет главным героем сериала о "Властелине Колец"

The main hero will be Aragorn, not Frodo and company.

Amazon has selected the king Aragorn the main character of the first season of the series “the Lord of the rings” writer JRR Tolkien.

The plot will focus on the early years of the character in the CineCrystal Lord of the rings Peter Jackson was played by Viggo Mortensen.

Official confirmation of this in the Amazon have not given.

Earlier it was reported that Amazon plans to release at least five seasons of the series “the Lord of the rings”. Taking into account the cost of special effects, actors work and the cost of production and marketing of the project budget could reach $ 1 billion (previously reported $ 500 million.), making it the most expensive in television history.

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