Became known, who will replace Elon musk in Tesla

Стало известно, кто заменит Илона Маска в Tesla

Previously, Ms. Denholm has held the post of independent Director of the company.

The American company announced a new appointment. After Elon Max was forced to leave the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors, this position was held by Robin Denholm. An official announcement about the reshuffle was published on the official Tesla website, the Chronicle with reference to AvtoDream.

Recall that Max has left his post by agreement with the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA. However, he retained the post of General Director of the company. The reason for these permutations is associated with the prosecution Ilona max in the fraud that pushed the investors of the company.

Robyn Denholm has previously served on the Board of Directors of Tesla as an independent Director and chaired the audit Committee of the company. She is also chief financial officer and head of strategy of the company Telstra Corp Ltd.

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