Because of the pensioner in Estonia overturned bus with people

Из-за пенсионерки в Эстонии перевернулся автобус с людьми

81-year-old woman drove into a bus on the car.

In Estonia in the second half of the day on Saturday faced the bus and a passenger car, reports the with reference on the European truth.

According to preliminary data, a car Hyundai, at the wheel which was 81-year-old woman from-for a carelessness of the driver had left from the minor road to the main front of a bus which was traveling in Tartu.

As a result of collision the bus was thrown in a ditch, he turned on his side. The crumpled car was on the road.

In the bus together with the driver was 38. Injuries to 7 passengers in the bus. Injury was more heavy and medics took him to the hospital, the remaining aid was provided on site.

The driver of the car was also injured, she was hospitalized.

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