Behaves with dignity: the lawyer visited the Matrosskaya Tishina jail in 18-year-old Ukrainian sailor

Ведет себя достойно: адвокат побывала в "Матросской тишине" у 18-летнего украинского моряка

The youngest of the 24 captured in the Kerch Strait the Ukrainian seamen, wounded Andrew Adair, which are contained in the SIZO-1 “Matrosskaya Tishina”, does not lose vivacity of spirit, holding with dignity, with humor. This was announced his lawyer Alexander Markov.

The 18-year-old Aidera a shrapnel wound to the leg. The guy barely bends his knee. One fragment from his leg is still not fetched.

“A shrapnel wound to the leg, is limping… feeling better, can move (and he doesn’t even need crutches, but limping) and looks quite cheerful, doesn’t lose sense of humor”, — says Markov.

The defender also said that prison officials replaced the Eider, at his request, “Russian radio” “Europe plus”. On this occasion, the sailor was joking and hoped that “not to spoil the “Russian radio” ratings”.

We will remind, the Russian Federation on 25 November in the Kerch Strait has violated the norms of International humanitarian law in relation to captured in neutral waters of the Black sea, the FSB of the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian sailors. Against Ukrainian boats and tow the Russians used force and a weapon, which is a violation of the UN Charter, which provides for only two cases of lawful use of force: when the state uses it for self defense, and in the case that the force applied by the decision of the UN security Council.

and to treat the Ukrainians, respectively.

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