Belarus threatens war and Lukashenko should have to make a choice for their country, the NATO –

Беларуси грозит война и Лукашенко должен уже делать выбор для свое страны, - НАТО

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is sure that Russia plans to join Belarus and close to the borders of Western Europe.

He stated this in an interview

“The key risk is the recurrence of Belarus of the Ukrainian scenario with war and annexation. This country expect such a scenario, if it begins to reform” – said Rasmussen.

He advised Belarusians to start reforms leading to democracy and freedom, “to protect themselves from the aggression of the Russians.”

“Only these things will create protection from Russian aggression,” – said the former Secretary General of the Alliance.

According to Rasmussen, he remembers the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin that Belarus should be included in the “great Russian state”, and this is very similar to the illegal annexation of Ukrainian Crimea.

“And I would like to see Belarus received more aid from the West. But we need to see a reorientation of Belarus for freedom and democracy,” he said.

The ex-head of NATO is aware that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko does not want to reform the country and move to the West.

“Yeah, he doesn’t want to. But Lukashenka does not want to live under the yoke of Putin. He needs to choose: either the reforms or the permanent oppression of Russians”, – concluded Rasmussen.