Bergerac: the secondary victims of jets of vomit at a party

Bergerac: des collégiens victimes de jets de vomi lors d'une fête

Secondary school students in Bergerac have been victims of jets of egg, ketchup and even vomited Wednesday 13 of the share of high school students. The latter celebrated every year as the “père cent”, the hundred days before the bac.

The feast has turned out badly. Junior high school students of an institution of Bergerac, in the Dordogne, have been victims of jets of various substances, including vomit, Wednesday 13.

The events took place while the students were celebrating the “father hundred”, which marks the last hundred days before the bachelor’s degree. A hundred students were present, and some have forced the gates of the institution Sainte-Marthe Saint-Front, which welcomes students of level of college and high school.

Twenty students of the fourth and two young girls in third class have had the bad luck of breaking through the fences of the institution at this time.

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The students were then prosecuted and victims of jets of egg, ketchup and… of vomit. More serious, six teenagers have been hit, according to Franceinfo.

“This is intolerable. We have therefore referred to the academic authorities and the courts. The students were shocked to see that it could go like that to the inside of the establishment, protested Gaëtan Cube, director of the institution which has in effect filed a complaint.

The intrusion of high-school students in the institution lasted only three minutes, and their young victims have so far not filed a complaint.

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