Besançon: they make a house of the thickness of a human hair (video)

Besançon: ils fabriquent une maison de l'épaisseur d'un cheveu (vidéo)

Scientists, Besançon, france, have managed to build a house of the thickness of a hair, or a few microns in size only. They have used technology to focus on the infinitely small to achieve this feat.

You will never be able to live in this house, but the exercise of a precision that it took to build opens up opportunities prodigious in the field of high technologies. Researchers from the Institut Femto-ST, Besançon, france, are in effect managed to build the smallest house in the world. And for good reason, the odds of the house to invite the infinitely small: 20x10x15 micrometers. A thickness close to that of a human hair.

And the director of this home responds to the name of µRobotex (“Micro Robotex”), a platform that uses both a scanning electron microscope dual-beam, an ion beam focused and nanorobots.

The house in question was built on a panel of cut glass in a vacuum chamber to extract the pattern. Thanks to the ion beam, the researchers were able to modulate the heat and then fold the tails of the boss of the house. The steering is done under the control of an electron microscope of high precision.

(See below for a video explaining the design of the house)

The question remains: what is this performance? Certainly not in the world of real estate, no, but rather to the world of high-precision optics. The development and use of sensors capable of working at the scale of the micrometer allows a professional use in the field of aerospace, in the repair of engines, or in that of the medicine with the ability to work directly within the blood vessels.