Beto O’rourke, the sensation democrat who still has everything to prove

Beto O'Rourke, la sensation démocrate qui a encore tout à prouver

Erected in hope of the left, star in the democratic party, despite a defeat in the Senate a few months ago, Beto O’rourke in the race to the White House with the freshness of a young man in life as in politics but also the inexperience that feeds the doubt, and sometimes errors.

Without hiding his deep misgivings, the democrat had suddenly indented, in January, to reflect on its future policy in time for a “road trip” to the us.

A solo adventure that he had copiously narrated in the line, a contradiction typical of a middle-aged emblematic of the era of social networks.

Long silhouette dégingandée, eloquence and gesture passionate to 46 years, the former punk-rocker charismatic the CV for policy a low expanded finally launched on Thursday in the democratic primary for the presidential election of November 2020, after having spoken at length, he said, with his wife Amy.

With her three young children, she appears regularly in the videos that he posts on Instagram, showing them in their daily to its more than 800,000 subscribers.

A transparency far from a style language with a program firmly marked on the left, which had brought during an election campaign boosted in 2018, when he tried to unseat senator Ted Cruz.

Beto O’rourke was finally lost in November, but the close result against the heavy weight of the republican party has been perceived as almost a feat in a Texas conservative.

Most importantly, this ex-member of the curious first name, still unknown to the general public two years ago, was well known beyond the political sphere.

Cap “Beto” on the head, the music superstar Beyoncé had announced to the 125 million subscribers to its account Instagram that she supported him for the senate.

– “Featherweight” –

“Beto”, as everyone calls it, was an intense campaign, wetting literally his shirts across this great State of the american south. With an optimistic vision of America that is not without reminding us of what was, a decade ago, another young hopeful, Barack Obama.

“We are not a people that bases its decisions on fear,” he told AFP, in an tackle to the campaign of Donald Trump. “We are not afraid of the future.”

Refusing the donations of large corporations or lobbies, Beto O’rourke defends the idea of a universal medicare.

This child of the land of the cowboys, Texas, also claims of increased restrictions on the sales of weapons, as well as a path to naturalization for millions of undocumented immigrants across the country.

It has also recently beaten the iron on the subject, meetings interposed, with Donald Trump. The republican president had come in February to defend his project of wall border on his land in El Paso, the birthplace of Beto O’rourke.

“This evening, since the border between the United States and Mexico, we will respond to the lies and hatred with truth and a vision of ambitious and positive for the future,” he tweeted.

A “leftist radical who advocates for open borders”, a “feather weight,” said Donald Trump. While recognizing that, ironically, is a quality to this “young man who has very few assets”: “name great”.

– “I feel stuck” –

Sometimes, Beto O’rourke goes too far in transparency, leaving it open to ridicule as in the scaling streamed video on his account Instagram, in January. The idea was to talk about immigration, but just after the closeup on his glottis, the interview for the dental assistant had gone somewhat unnoticed.

A very flattering picture used with relish by the conservatives who warn against the dangers of his program is “socialist”.

But its spontaneity is also often fly.

As when, during the campaign in the senate, it was opposed to Donald Trump taking on with passion the defence of american football players black who put the knee on the ground during the national anthem to denounce the police violence.

Captured on a video that has become viral, his remarks on this explosive issue had helped to make famous the one who was elected to the House of representatives since 2013, but had not yet pierced to Washington.

Then in January, while many expected the announcement of his nomination, he had given publicly his dismay.

“I feel stuck lately,” he wrote on the website Medium. “Maybe if I move, on the road, that I meet people (…) I libérerais mind, I would have new ideas, I get out of the loop in which I am locked up”.

After this trip on the roads, he finally decided to switch to the higher speed, headed for the White House.