Between apples and wines, the photo

For those who have booked their September or October outings for orchards, vineyards or colors, Suzanne Pressé has an additional getaway suggestion: a photo exhibition tour. Like the fruits of the season, they will be everywhere in the region, a good part of autumn, inside and out, mostly in Sherbrooke, but also in Valcourt, Racine, Stanstead and Sutton, to remind us that in this era where everyone can take a cliché with his cell, there are creators who have things to say with their images.

The coordinator of the second edition of Objectif Photo Cantons-de-l’Est (OPCDE), a biennial event born in 2017, brought together a dozen visual arts presenters to promote photography by programming the event in September (Photo Month), but also beyond. Some exhibitions of this 2nd OPCDE have been installed since the beginning of the summer, while others will be seen from a little later.

“We are talking about about twenty photographers in all, to which we must add several members of the Sherbrooke Photo Club. If the Month of the photo had been in January, maybe we would have chosen another moment. But in September, we integrate very well with the tourist circuits “, summarizes Suzanne Pressé, who will welcome, as coordinator of the Art Gallery of the University of Sherbrooke, the exhibition of Christiane Lahaie Absolue Memory, from September 10th.

Note that the creators were not selected based on their regional affiliation. This is the case, for example, of diver and filmmaker Mario Cyr, whose photographs will be part of the next Sherbrooke Photo Tour of the Lac-des-Nations Parkway (opening on August 30).

“We still had a bias against Estrie photographers, but we chose first based on quality. If there are a lot of participants from here, it’s simply because they are very good, “adds Suzanne Pressé, who also highlights the range of claws offered during the event, the photo archive ( notably Mémoires sherbrookoises at the Sherbrooke Museum of History and Meeting with the Past at the Maison de la culture in Racine) to retouched and trafficked creations.

“Every broadcaster has prepared an exhibition based on their mandate,” says the coordinator.

For those who would like to have a general idea of ​​Eastern Townships Photo Goal, the ideal is to start with the group exhibition “Wide angle”, which brings together clichés of the selected artists this year. This window on OPCDE has been accessible to the public since yesterday at the Pierre Gobeil Cultural Center.

Fundamental artistic vision

Luc Pallegoix, spokesman for the artists and photographer participating in the exhibition to be presented at the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Center from September 15, underlines the importance of art photography, at a time when he takes “several billion photos a day, more instant than a Polaroid, immediately liked in virtual galleries to versatile audiences.”

“The quantity, we have it. It is in the quality that we must dissect the problem. What makes photos become exhibitions? There is nothing more fundamental than the artistic vision, which leads artists to create works of meaning and sensitivity, which pushes the commissioners to realize and bring them to light, which leads our contemporaries to appreciate them in their polysemy because they reflect the spirit of nature, our time and our territory. It is not Instagram: it is another world, real, anchored, that of emotions and feelings, where we do not give an answer, but where we ask different questions “, to summarize the creator, underlining the objective of OPCDE to show the diversity of photographers and photographic production.

Among the event’s many donors include the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec and the City of Sherbrooke.

“As Chair of the Culture Committee of the City of Sherbrooke, I can only encourage this type of exhibition which, in addition to disseminating the works of artists from Sherbrooke and the region, is based on the sharing of resources, “said Councilor Paul Gingues.

“The twelve exhibition venues pooled their funds for the production of the booklet and for the broadcast of the event (we are talking about a budget of $ 5,000). Some have drawn from their operating budget, others have received sponsorship from partners, “concludes Suzanne Pressé.

A detailed report on Objectif Photo Cantons-de-l’Est in the MAG on Saturday, August 31