Between life and death after having been beaten up by a group of young

Entre la vie et la mort après avoir été tabassé par un groupe de jeunes

The scene occurred at the end of last week to Lebekke, Belgium.

A 26 year old young man was in the vicinity of the ice rink installed for the occasion of the festivals of end of the year, when it suffered a violent assault.

A gang of teenagers threw herself on him and beat him up for no reason.

The victim is pushed against a shop window and then one of the attackers will give him a kick in the legs, which will cause it to fall.

Once on the ground, the attackers were relentless on the young man without defence, in the beatings.

It is only when one of the girls in the group shouted, “He’s bleeding, he’s bleeding” as the attackers fled.

The victim was in the hospital for two days between life and death. She suffers a broken nose and a brain hemorrhage.