Beware of Scam: a new scheme of deception

Осторожно, мошенники: появилась новая схема обмана

Fraud is quite common in everyday life, especially in social networks. Victims of scams are people that sell good stuff for a fair price. About the new scheme of deception, reports the edition “Today”, reports “Bagnet”.

From Kiev Julia Ganja got into trouble when he tried to sell a mobile phone for 6000 hryvnia. The buyer was found quickly and nothing boded trouble, but on the day of purchase, he sent a courier, citing urgent business.

“After the courier arrived, the man called, said he sent the money and now should come SMS. I looked at the message, gave the phone to the courier, when we checked the online Bank, the account did not have money,” says Julia.

Later she realized that the message about the crediting of funds on the card did not come with the Bank, and regular rooms. The same message came and Alexander Potter who sold your tablet over 11 000 UAH. However, he kept his head and immediately realized it was a Scam.

“I went up to the driver, who had been sent and asking whether he understands what’s going on. He said that a regular taxi driver. Asked him whether he will help to catch the hand of the fraudster. He says: Well, catch”, – says Alexander.

The man decided to go with the driver, and on the way called patrol. Militiamen detained pseudopolyposis who wanted to deceive Alexander, and took him to the station.

However, the police notes: there is no crime, no punishment. Therefore, in such situations it is better to cross-check the reports about the transfer of funds. By the way, according to the estimates of interbank Association, last year card fraudsters cheated Ukrainians 250 million.